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             Tazobactam Intermediate
             Ethyl formate
             Sodium Methoxide
             Hexamethyl disilylamine
             Benzene, Toluene Xylene,
             Dibenzoyl-L-tartaric acid monohydrate
            Quality standard  CP2005

            Test Items

            Specification index

            Appearance  White or almost white crystalline powder, smellless and bitter taste
            Melting Point  151-154°C
            Structural Formula

            Colour Reaction

             Positive reaction

            Comparative Spectrum

             Retention time of the principal peak is identical with that of the comparative solution

            Comparative spectrum

             Infrared rays absorption spectrum is identical with comparative spectrum

            Clarify of solution and colour

             Be up to the standard



            Related substances

             The area of total impurities' peak isn't more than the area of the comparative solution's principal peak

            Loss on drying


            Residue on ignition


            Heavy Metals


            Assay (HPLC)


            Microbial Limit Tests



            25kgs or 20kgs/paper drum


            Improve ideation and memory, used to cure memory and ideation regression caused by cerebral arteriosclerosis and cerebrovascular accidents

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